Gun Violence Affects The Entire Community!
Mission Every life beautifies our community.

Our mission at Harlem Mothers & Fathers S.A.V.E is to prolong life among New York City's youth by preventing gun violence and its social causes and cost. This single issue, not-for-profit organization divides its efforts into three areas: Activism, Education and Victim Services.


Activism: Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. has been a grass-root movement for the advocacy of gun violence victims and their families since its inception in 2006.  From organizing marches; town hall meetings & forums, Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. has also been a staunch supporter of "Sensible & Responsible Gun Laws.


Education: We believe that nurturing, supporting and educating our youth is the first step to putting an end to senseless peer gun violence among our young people.  Giving them a strong foundation and a sense of self worth, gives them a fighting chance to aspire to higher goals than those that too often they now use as examples of role models.


Victim Services: Once a parent/family has been affected by gun violence, the question most have is "What now?" Through our first responders services, we let the grieving family know that should they need us, we are there.

We are there if they need us to act as family spokespersons or liaisons between the media and the police. We are there if they just need a shoulder to cry on. We are there if they need help or advise on how to move forward with any of the processing.  We are also there if they are only willing to reach out to us weeks, months, or even years later.  We are also there when they just want to be left alone to process on their own or in their own way.

All of our first responders go through professional training.  Most are parents that have been affected by gun violence (some more than once).  All are passionate and are genuinely concerned about the direction our community is headed with so many needlessly loosing their lives.


Our team of mothers and fathers reach out with smiles of encouragement and hope.

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